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Open yourself

its amazing…when you decide to end something and you try to open the door finally realize how many things which have been waiting so long are putting pressure on your door…to finally enter into you …to shape you, to transform you…you’ve been calling them for so long and they came and they were in front of your doors but u didn’t know it because of fear…u haven’t dare to open the door and see them and invited them in…into u…

u lost a faith that they would ever come…but they were there, waiting silently for your move…
now ur surprised of their mighty force…but they were keep coming as u were kept calling them…unaware that they are just in front of the door u have to open…

its beautiful now…all those beautiful people, desires with shaped faces, desires in shaped forms, ideas visible in colours and radiance

Everything is within you, its you now, while fear is just a smoke disappearing on the horizon

but you, you are finally bathing in joy and feel the rhythm of universe
the mighty force of live is pouring into you …
makes you transparent and vibrant
within the breathing of beauty



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