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Gratitude ….first buds have started to blossom

I am so grateful today…
Everything have come together
Truth showed up
and it shines…so deeply, so highly
it posses the whole horizon and beyond

thanks for my dear friends,
i am never grateful enough for great people
life brought into my circle
how many people u’ve met
how many traits u left
how much power is hidden within
and its freely flowing into those circles
makes us richer
makes us alive

“…and I cannot say what has happened to me, except, I am not the same.”

If the only prayer you said in your life was “thank you,” that would suffice. –Meister Eckhart

“Personal integrity: living in accord with our highest state of consciousness”

Herein lies an irony: the person who is trying to manipulate you views you as having greater strength or power than he or she does. ~George H. Green and Carolyn Cotter

Remember that whenever others try to manipulate you, they perceive you as having something they want and as being more powerful than they are. If you’re powerful enough to be a target for a manipulation, you’re powerful enough to take care of yourself. ~Melanie Beatty


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