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Aspartame in kids’ antibiotics –it seems that nothing is sacred for this greedy pharmaceutical industry

i am back. my son is 1 and a half and he is the sweetest little creature i have ever dreamt about.

with sweetness of motherhood there come worries too. and anger as well. anger upon corrupted and greedy people who use kids as a tool for huge potential and actual profits. The most essential for this little angels pharmaceutical and food industries – are the worst ones.

My son got otitis and pediatrician gave him antibiotics Hiconcil.- Just by accident i went briefly through declaration and found that contains Aspartame. What the hell is wrong with pediatricians that prescribe it to kids under 3 years. And what the hell is wrong with industry that in spite their knowledge about damaging effect of Aspartame still produce it.
Pharmacists put Aspartame in generally all baby/children’s medication for flavoring.

I try to avoid Aspartame in all food products and artificial vitamines but what to do with medicines? and the same story is forced immunizations. You are treated as a criminal and have to pay penalties if you don’t vaccinate you kids. They must be kidding, aren’t they.


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“Life is like a piano… what you get out of it depends on how you play it.”

I was on Maksim Mrvica  concert today. He plays so great. So tenderly, so smoothly, so powerfully, so passionately. I like his pop approach toward classic music. Even though that was classical concert today, there were half of teenagers and students. He is one of those who brought back piano music to younger population. In addition to that…he looks gorgeous!

Definitely one of my concerts of the year. Two of my favorites from Youtube:

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