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Aspartame in kids’ antibiotics –it seems that nothing is sacred for this greedy pharmaceutical industry

i am back. my son is 1 and a half and he is the sweetest little creature i have ever dreamt about.

with sweetness of motherhood there come worries too. and anger as well. anger upon corrupted and greedy people who use kids as a tool for huge potential and actual profits. The most essential for this little angels pharmaceutical and food industries – are the worst ones.

My son got otitis and pediatrician gave him antibiotics Hiconcil.- Just by accident i went briefly through declaration and found that contains Aspartame. What the hell is wrong with pediatricians that prescribe it to kids under 3 years. And what the hell is wrong with industry that in spite their knowledge about damaging effect of Aspartame still produce it.
Pharmacists put Aspartame in generally all baby/children’s medication for flavoring.

I try to avoid Aspartame in all food products and artificial vitamines but what to do with medicines? and the same story is forced immunizations. You are treated as a criminal and have to pay penalties if you don’t vaccinate you kids. They must be kidding, aren’t they.


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