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fusion of inner and outher space

And he said: “Let it flow.”

Unbelievable journey…into depth
How rich is the landscape once entering there
how many beautiful colors…fells like being blind before

so little is needed to be you…

but it’s so hard to get there and grab it


when wave length finds another and starts to resonate

true life symphony begins… so intensive, so almighty

that the body is not enough…the powerful force wants

to extend trough the universe…too feel its origin


new souls hold each other tightly in fear of  divide

is there any beauty more powerful

than when two souls start a dance,

so harmoniously that earth stops for a while,

stars froze for a moment

and life takes a deep breath to celebrate the union


new world has been just created…

spinning like a magic ball within known one

so vulnerable, so cuty awkward

and yet powerful as big bang


many things to be re-learned,

new touches felt, new smells scented,

new vision seen, new voices heard

everything seems like a fist time…


a unique new world, never existed before


but it will be for always written into the  record of this universe

cos it records everything…

every single move, every single feeling, every single touch…


So celebrate, two souls united into one symphony,

“don’t let me go, whispers one another
let me feel you stronger than myself…

hold me so strong that i will crash into your arms

and recreate into you again”


yes, you can hear those whispers

and fear of falling on every corner you turn
you can feel their shaking and heartbeats’ echoes


than resonance breaks and symphony becomes silence 

deep silence, omnipotent wall between two worlds…

divided souls are never the same again

big emptiness posses their rooms

and screams as million crying babies


then one day …new beam, from outer space

enters the empty room and tenderly starts to vibrate

…new dance, new creation, new symphony
new mighty force wants to extend across the universe



In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate at maximum amplitude at certain frequencies, known as the system’s resonance frequencies (or resonant frequencies). At these frequencies, even small periodic driving forces can produce large amplitude vibrations, because the system stores vibrational energy. Resonant systems can be used to generate vibrations of a specific frequency, or pick out specific frequencies from a complex vibration containing many frequencies.


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