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“Let there be a light,” he said

So, that how it starts. New chapter in life. As always. When something ends. Doesn’t matter if  earthquakes within u are small or big or how often they appear they always change the known inner landscape. Yet true; the most intense events live shortly…they explode as supernova…but then…they spread the light across the universe…

“Is reality too powerful for u? Take the risk. Believe what u see and hear. It’s the pulse of every secret intimation u’ve ever felt around the edges of ur life.”
She walked into the room and went to the window. She opened it. She didn’t know why she did this. Then she knew. She wanted to feel the sea tang on her face and the flow of time in her body, to tell her who she was.” (Body artist, Don DeLillo).

I faced it today. Shall i repeat that it is the best thing we’ve ever had. No, I won’t. She bumped on me today, steered into my eyes and kept on asking: “Where is my border? Please, define my border. Is over my border … like antyreality? Can she harm me?”

She seemed scared. Would offer her a cigarette to calm her down. Had none with me. Kind of understand her. Does light see darkness? Does gravity feel antigravity? Does matter touch antimatter? Does reality exclude virtual than ?

Who is the judge? The one who created light? The left or right hemisphere? Me? I would vote for the last one. But this is only my choice. Not anybody else . And I feel good.

I decide and she is not feared anymore. Me neither. Returned into known arms. Don’t promise that i will not escape never again. But now i know now how to come back. In circle of day and night, joy and pain, if you keep on walking you always come back.

Over the border there is no roads, there is a jungle and the road should be created with a machete … sometimes ur on ur knees and begging home …but unknown whispers with such a sweet voice u can not return…you keep on walking and falling.

Than there …suddenly…is a light … …u can see clearly, smell fresh air, hear birds and soft rain on ur skin…

So it is here …the second day …and he said: “Let there be a wor(l)d.”


ENIGMA: Beyond the invisible

I look into the mirror
See myself, Im over me
I need space for my desires
Have to dive into my fantasies
I know as soon as Ill arrive
Everything is possible
Cause no one has to hide
Beyond the invisible.
Close your eyes
Just feel and realize
It is real and not a dream
Im in you and youre in me
It is time
To break the chains of life
If you follow you will see
Whats beyond reality

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