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“I think it is all a matter of love: the more you love a memory, the stronger and stranger it is.”(Rotarian)

All have come back to memories this week.  My movies’ week, my week, my life. Erased memories, lost memories, precious memories. Memories as function of past and memories as function of future. In linear time or in cyclic time?

Watched movies and thought about,  I’ve  got myself finally trapped into. Came out of the blue, the song it is hidden in my mind but posses so waste place. It appeared again. Last night. After such a long time. “Porque te vas”. They’ve taught me while i studied psychology that the memories function as a map of the city…when u remember  tower of church, or some similar important anchor, the whole city will unfold to you…

This music is an early anchor of my love toward movies…  Cría cuervos (Feeding the Ravens) -1976 of Carlos Saura was one of my earliest…but remember just this one (except of some SFi :-). I was as about her age (Ana)  at the time when i first watched it (cos movies came a bit late in CE Europe upon Communist regime. and Spain has just got rid of Franco regime).  I have special affinity to Spanish movies from than time on.

“Ana is a nine-year-old girl who believes she has the power of life and death over those near to her. Her dead mother (Geraldine Chaplin) reappears as a ghost and talks to the young girl, who remains stubbornly mute. Like most of Saura’s films made under the fascist regime of Francisco Franco, this fascinating, ambiguously haunting tale camouflages controversial political themes behind a veil of hints, symbols, and parables. “

Loved this movie so much, loved that music so much with my kid’s mind. Watched it again during university …and today. I don’t know why it took me so long. I loved it on a same way as today. Strange. The same feelings, the same beauty, the same adoration. As the years haven’t passed by. When i listen this music, it opens so huge landscape within me. Like its part of me from ever. Seems i very much indetified with her. Looked petty much the same as a kid. Can feel myself the same as that time and the same as today… As I’ve never grown up. As i am the same all the time.  Glimpse of Infinity?

What are memories, what is personality consists of, what is grown up process if feelings stay the same. Where is the time in this perspective?

Correlation of States

There is another aspect of QM that Everett’s formulation makes too obvious to avoid – there is no one reality. Every quantum world differs from every other. Existence is relative. How can this be? Is our universe not consistent?

Again, a human analogy is useful. When you go to a party, you usually meet people you’ve never met before, whose worlds you have never known. Some of those worlds can be quite something, too! In physics language, there is little correlation between your states. By the end of the evening (interaction), you have some shared party experiences – your states are more correlated than they were before. If you never meet again, the shared memories fade, and your worlds slowly return to almost their previous separateness (they decorrelate). You’ll never be the same again, but you’re still the same you.

That’s what happens in the quantum world too. However, QM takes the concept to its limit – every quantum world seems correlated with every other world precisely to the degree necessary to keep the universe consistent, and no more. QM is not the uncertainty principle, it is built upon Planck’s constant. The many worlds of QM are very precise entities in their own way – the most precise of any physical theory we know.

The Arrow of Time

Another aspect of the universe that Everett’s formulation can help to understand is time direction. Time has two distinct attributes. Cyclic time is like a pendulum. It’s reversible, related to Planck’s constant, and is obvious from Schrödinger’s equations. But, time also has a direction to it, and that’s not obvious from Schrödinger or Heisenberg at all. In fact, many physicists whose student days predate Everett still consider the arrow of time to be a flaw of our understanding. It is, however, self-evident in the Everett formulation – quantum worlds abruptly appear, then gradually fade from existence, a clearly time direction dependent phenomenon analogous to the appearance and spread of ripples on a pond after a point disturbance. Things do happen to individual quanta in QM. 

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