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“Just call me Wind”


Watched House of Flying Daggers… stunning pictures, explosion of colours and martial arts.  Amazing shoots of bamboo forest and autumn landscape. Literary origins: The film features the theme of a beautiful woman who brings woe to two men. This theme is borrowed from a famous poem written by the Han Dynasty poet Li Yannian.

Jin: Just call me Wind.
Mei: Wind?
Jin: I wander around all alone, come and go without a trace.
Mei: Like a carefree wind?
Jin: No, a playful wind.

There was a field in my old town Where we always played hand in hand The wind was gently touching the grass We were so young so fearless Then I dreamt over and over of  you holding me tight under the stars  I made a promise to my dear Lord  I will love you forever   Time has passed  So much has changed  But the field remains in my heart  Oh where are you?  Ineed to tell you I still love you  So I reach out for you  You fly around me like a butterfly  Your voice still echoes in my heart  You are my true love 

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