Compenetration Weblog

fusion of inner and outher space

Everything is perfect…

   When one door closes

  the  new one   opens …

  and the sky is big again


  Songs to orpheus(II,29)rilke        

Quiet friend of many distances, feel
how your breath still enlarges space.

Let yourself ring out, a dark cradled bell
in the timbering. That, which erodes you
gains a strength from your sustenance.

Go out and in, through transformation.
What is your experience of greatest loss?
Is drinking bitter, then become wine.

Be, in this night made of excess,
      the magic art at the crossroads of your senses,
the sense of their strange encounter.

And, if the earthbound forget you,
say to the silent Earth : I flow.
  To the rushing water say: I am.


from dark age toward age of open consciounesess

March 13, 2008 - Posted by | Daily bites, Poems | ,

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