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Different layers of reality

This is a composite view of our galaxy, the Milky Way, created in 2001 The band running through the center of our galaxy is at the heart of the creation mythology of the ancient Mayans, who saw it as a gateway through which humanity emerged. Called the Road to Xibalba, it is this band that the position of the Sun aligns with on Dec. 21, 2012, which occurs every 26,000 years. The two are very closely aligned now.

watched The Odyssey 2012 today


“Pay attention. And keep breathing.”

These Buddhists aren’t kidding: you are here for a very brief moment, and you can sit on your thumb and do whatever you want, but in fact the clock is ticking. What are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna blow it off, or be a hedonist? What are you gonna do with that? If most people took it seriously, a hell of a lot more would be done with more attention to quality and intent. And they’re always talking about this stuff — intent. ”

t. mckenna

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